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At our facility, we are able to design, manufacture and test prototypes, produce production parts, and manufacture equipment for a wide variety of clients in many industries. Our wealth of manufacturing engineering expertise and machining experience aids in our success in providing the highest quality products, services, and systems. Whether your need is to receive completed production components or assemblies, improve overall system efficiency, redesign weak points, resolve ergonomic issues, or implement new manufacturing lines, we are here to help. We will find a solution to any manufacturing problem, big or small.

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Systematic Manufacturing Solutions


Systematic Manufacturing is fully equipped and capable of performing a variety of services.

In fact, we offer the option of either producing components based on your design or we will design complete systems from an idea and anything in between. We have the capability, the experience and the know-how to solve even your most complex manufacturing problems. And we stand behind the services we offer by guaranteeing your satisfaction.

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Surface Grinding
  • OD Grinding
  • Broaching
  • Assembly


Using our five-step manufacturing, engineering & design process, we focus on improving and developing systems that meet our client’s manufacturing goals. Our business model leverages our supply chain, as the majority of our designed products are manufactured in the same building where our product development team is stationed. Imagination and creation within the same four walls allows us to respond quickly and provide better conveyed product intention.

We have built our reputation as a one-stop source, who accomplishes goals in a timely fashion. As a manufacturer, we understand the importance of project timelines and pride ourselves as a problem-solving think-tank with turn-key results.

Some of our engineered products include:

  • Fully customizable, electrically actuated, adjustable-height workstations complete with modular construction, which allow a cost effective custom workspace.
  • PLC controlled pneumatic systems that encompass safe and efficient production of manufactured products.
  • Modular test benches that can be quickly adapted for new product lines that provide longer service throughout several product life cycles.
  • Customized tooling for the glass-working industry.
  • And countless examples of customers using their product’s design to optimize manufacturability and customer value.

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Adjustable Height Workstation

SMI is proud to offer the Adjustable Height Workstation constructed from ultra-rigid steel with the following features:

  • (4) Leveling casters allowing the workstation to accommodate uneven floor for stable use
  • Independent slide rail carriage bearing system producing smooth and rigid operation
  • Sleek sliding safety covers eliminating dangerous pinch points
  • Modular design for, up to 1 ¾” 80/20 style, aluminum extruded systems for work place versatility, including but not limited to: lighting, monitors, work assisting apparatuses, rear table, computing accessories, and other standard SMI workstation accessories. Mounting points move with the work surface
  • Working height range of 37 – 49 inches
  • Work top dimensions:
    • 20” Workstation – 21 ¾” W x 20 ½” DP
    • 28” Workstation – 29 ¾” W x 20 ½” DP
    • 36” Workstation – 37 ¾” W x 20 ½” DP
  • 400 lb. maximum rated lifting load **includes all features attached to mounting points
  • Standard work surface includes a durable textured PE top, though many other materials are available. (Additional costs may apply)

As a customer, you can order a full turn-key solution or our standard workstation with any selected options or additional accessories. Engineering support is available.

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Systematic Manufacturing’s vision is to be the industry-leading, single-source supplier for innovative manufacturing related products and services.


Systematic Manufacturing, Inc. is a single-source supplier for customers in the Automation, Automotive, Machine tool, Aerospace and Medical industries.

We continually improve our manufacturing processes and specialize in improving our customers manufacturing processes. Our diverse team combines engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide simple, creative solutions that encompass the constraints of our clients. Through the use of technology and innovation, we maintain competitive prices while achieving 100% on-time delivery with zero defective parts on manufactured products. We provide our clients with the best value for their money.

Points of Culture

We hold our ourselves to the highest standards in the industry



SMI and its employees will adhere to the highest standards of morality. We do so by always speaking the truth, standing behind our word, and always delivering on our commitments.



As an industry expert, SMI is resolved to finding solutions to our customers’ most difficult manufacturing challenges.



We define success as making a lasting positive impact on our community and society



SMI will diligently uphold the highest levels of quality in ALL work that we do.



Great engineering starts with creativity. We will always maintain an internal drive to create the best products and solutions for our clients.



We will always be an organization that is dependable, accurate, and honest by doing what we promise without exception.



We will demonstrate our ability to find prompt, creative, and effective solutions for our customers’ needs 100% of the time.



We will stand by our work and hold ourselves accountable to our clients 100% of the time.



We respect and collaborate with our colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. We believe that 100% inclusion is the best formula for success for us and our clients.



We work cooperatively to create solutions greater than the sum of our individual efforts.